Gaffer's Training  Path to a Pro 
Gaffer's Training  Path to a Pro 

Gaffer's Training  Path to a Pro 

For Competitive players. Individual supplemental training for players looking to take their game to the next level. If you're going to train like a Pro, why not hear it, from the Pro's? 

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What we are all about

Here's a little insight into some of our training sessions available to you at home! Below are a few of our Pro trainers who have stepped onto the training ground to put you through the training session that they made a difference in their career. Their Gaffer's Training. 


Steve Guppy - The Art of One v One

  • 20-year pro in the Premier League/Scottish Premiership/MLS

  • England International

  • Assistant Coach under Martin O'Neil for Sunderland/Nottingham Forest/Republic of Ireland

  • Assistant under Gary Smith for the Colorado Rapids & Nashville SC 

  • 2010 MLS Cup Champions

  • Position: Left Winger

  • Specialist: Crossing, Attacking One vs One


  • One vs One - understanding how to create space using your body movements

  • Exercises that he has created and uses today with top pro players


Jack Jewsbury - First Touch

  • 14-year pro in the MLS

  • 1st-ever Portland Timbers MLS All-Star & 1st-ever goal scored for Portland

  • 3-year captain of the Portland Timbers

  • 5-year full scholarship with D1 St. Louis University

  • Position: Center Midfield

  • Specialist: free kicks, technique 


  • First Touch - clean and quick with every touch

  • Late runs out of the midfield - shots from distance


Simone Charley - Striker's Movement (+ Bonus Session) 

  • 4-year pro in the NWSL (Currently with Angel City FC)

  • 4-year NCAA full-scholarship (Vanderbilt U)

  • Position: Striker


  • Session 1 - Movement and footwork - understand how to 'pull off' a defender, or how to 'spin' in behind! 

  • Bonus Session - Striker's Challenge - 6 different types of strikes - 60 strikes in total - how many can you get on target?


Taylor Washington - Crossing

  • Current 9-year pro in MLS

  • 4-year NCAA full-scholarship (Boston College & George Mason U)

  • Position: Left-back/wingback


  • Crossing the ball - hitting the 'Golden Areas' 

  • How to open up the space to cross

  • Proper technique when crossing

  • Consistency! Taylor is a master!