NTT Programs
NTT Programs

NTT Programs

Currently, we have on offer THREE programs! 

The TWO programs available under our one-time purchase option are: 

• Gaffer's Training (Out Now) 

• Coaching Recreational Soccer (Available in Feb.)

We will continue to add content to these programs, throughout the 2024 calendar year. So get in now, as the price will go up as we add more content and sessions! 

Our other program is a monthly and yearly subscription program: 

• Footie Fitness - For parents and past players 

We are excited to step onto the training ground with you. It's time to 'Go Hard, and with Heart!'

Gaffer's Training 

Gaffer's Training 

The Gaffer's Training: A path to the Pro's program offers 50+ exercises, 20+ full soccer training sessions, fitness session benchmarks, and fun skill challenges! Training sessions/skills are led by current or former Pro players and Coaches that take you through a session that they loved to do and help them become a Pro player. What better way to train like a Pro... than to hear it from a Pro? 

Click here  to watch a few promo videos to give you some added insight! 

Individual Sessions for Purchase

Footie Fitness - For Parents/Past Players (w/ Ross Smith) 

Footie Fitness - For Parents/Past Players (w/ Ross Smith) 

I’m taking on fitness sessions with you at home, as we look to regain or improve our current fitness levels. I’ve always loved a soccer-style workout - and having cardio/fitness benchmarks to try and hit. Little to no soccer skill and minimal equipment is required to take part!

These fitness-based training sessions designed by experts in the health and fitness field are modified to accommodate moderate to elite levels of fitness, and are designed for you to work out at the same time. Think of it as Peloton for running (without the expense;) in a Soccer Fitness Style.  Sessions are designed to supplement your current fitness programming and will be delivered every Saturday morning.

For only $5.99 a month or $59.99 for the year come get your Saturdays and weekends off on the right foot...with Footie Fitness;)  Let’s suffer to succeed together! 

Coaching Recreational Soccer 

Coaching Recreational Soccer 

A program for the beginner or recreational coach who is looking for support. Our unique sessions currently offer 6+ training sessions (we will continue to add sessions) that will show coaches:

• How to MANAGE the group

• What to coach

• How to coach the skill/exercise

Our step-by-step program gives you guided videos and PDF lesson plans that are quick and easy to follow so you (the coach) can step onto the training ground and feel full of confidence!!

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